Kay Wills Wyma

Kay’s blog really shows her God-given sense of humor so we are leaving her story in her own words, found on her blog, The Moat Blog (Mothers of Adolescents and Teens).

Granola KAy

I’m Kay, a mother of five beautiful and overall agreeable children and wife to one terrific, sometimes overly safety-conscious, guy. I’m calendar challenged and am a founding member of the Women’s Auxiliary for the Organizationally Impaired. Sometimes I’m caught singing rather robustly with hand motions while driving the many carpool miles I’ve logged on my car. In my head, I look & sound good – ready to audition for The Voice. My children might disagree – vehemently – embarrassed.

I’m very regular, but along the way interesting things have happened. My resume includes great places to work (because of the people, not the place) including The White House, The Staubach Company, & Bank of America. But, though it involves weathering many an eyeroll, I best love most my job as mom. With every trip to the DMV to encourage a scared 16yo with the same “you can do this” they’ve heard/endured over the years, my heart breaks a little. I know all too well that the days of them sitting close next to me are quickly coming to en end. (cue the tears)

One of the interesting things that happened a few years ago is this blog. You see, I never would have considered myself a writer. But I do love people. And I was so bothered by the way pressures of the world – pressures that so often are fleeting and fake – have such power to suck joy out of everyday situations. It didn’t take much to realize that I’m not alone. And I figured why travel it alone. So I pretended like I was 10 years younger than I am and joined the blogging world. Who knew that a couple of books would come from it. Or that some incredible fun opportunities to chat with folks who know a lot more than I do would dot my calendar.

Which leads to a new favorite activity – the Say Something Show, a-come-as-you-are vodcast for walking life’s roads (relationships, friendship, parenting, hardship, entertainment,…) together. It’s a spot similar to this blog, but without all the reading.

So – the moatblog (as in Mothers of Adolescents & Teens putting a moat around our homes, together) is a come-as-you-are sort of spot where regular rules. Because around these parts, we really like each other and our friends just the way they are – each in their own you-nique – endowed by the Lord – beautiful gifting.

Thanks for walking the road with me – no road should ever be walked (or driven) alone 🙂


Chris Ordway

Chris earned his undergraduate degree from The University of Michigan in 1991 and began his career working for Kellogg Company in foodservice sales. In 1993, he returned to the University of Michigan, where he completed a Master of Business Administration with a focus on marketing and international business.

Following graduate school, Chris and his wife moved to Singapore, where he ran the Asia-Pacific operation for a supplier of pumping equipment used in petro-chemical production. It was while living in Singapore that he became familiar with Motorola and their leadership position in the global telecommunications marketplace. This eventually led to an opportunity with Motorola during which Chris spent 12 years in various roles including product marketing, strategy, account management, and sales leadership.

In 2008, Chris and his family relocated to London to lead the European and African consumer products division of Motorola, and eventually returned to the US to run the North American operation focusing on all major carriers and retailers including Verizon, ATT, Best Buy and Wal-Mart.

Chris left Motorola in 2011. He and his family moved to Rwanda to join Hope International, a Christian microfinance institution dedicated to “providing a hand up and not a hand out” through small business loans to people who typically live on less than $1 a day.

Now back in Chicago, Chris works with a group of Christian investors who build sustainable businesses, where profits are redeployed back into missions and development work around the world. Currently, the two main businesses are commercial poultry farms and hydro-electric power plants.

Chris Ordway joined the Board of Directors of Gordon Food Service in 2013 and Diversified Conveyors Inc. in 2014.

Chris and his wife have three daughters. He enjoys running and biking and is an active member at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois.

Gary Jones

Gary received his BSBA degree in finance from the University of Arkansas in 1989. Upon graduation, he worked in the real estate division of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., then later as buyer in the Sam’s Club division. He later joined his family’s national wholesale bakery business where he served in various executive management capacities.

Upon returning to central Arkansas, he became a partner in the Little Rock-based commercial real estate firm Colliers International, helping grow the firm to become the largest commercial real estate firm in Arkansas.

Since leaving the firm, Gary has been involved in several real estate and business ventures and has provided consulting and advisory services to several small businesses in Arkansas and beyond. With his 25 plus years of “hands on” commercial real estate and business investment experience, Gary brings a unique set of skills and experience to the selling or acquisition process.

Gary has been married 25 years to the God’s perfect gift to him and has four college and high school-aged kids. He is also an elder at Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas.


Michael Sloan 

more to come on Michael







Derek Bell, Chairmandbellheadshot

Derek Bell launched Mosaic Strategy Group in 2005 during which time he has had the privilege of serving on Bob Buford’s, “Bob, Inc.” team. Bob, Inc. is a four-man team that advises Bob Buford on where and how to invest his philanthropic activities.

Prior to Mosaic, Derek served as the Director of Marketing for Integrity Publishers where he managed the marketing for numerous New York Times Bestsellers including Max Lucado, Ravi Zacharias, Henry Cloud and John Towsend, Pat Roberston, Bob Buford, Frank Peretti, Brennan Manning, and others.

At LifeWay Christian Resources (a $500 million dollar organization), Derek’s tenure included leadership in channel management and corporate strategic planning with the direct to church division, retail, trade publishing, international, and Internet divisions.  While at LifeWay, Derek completed his MBA at Belmont University and was inducted into the Sigma Beta Delta honor society.  He later returned to Belmont as an adjunct professor of marketing and management.

While consulting with Mosaic, Derek also served as a pastor on staff at Fellowship Bible Church, a 6,000 member church in Brentwood, Tennessee.

In addition to Leading with Limp, Derek has the privilege of serving as board chairman for Both Hands – serving widows and raising funds for families adoption children.  Derek, his wife Jennifer, and their three children Macy, Parker and Grayson live in Brentwood, Tennessee.