Out of the Blue Audio Book Now Available featuring Bob Goff and interview with Greg Murtha

After a lot of hard work, the audio version of Out of the Blue is now available—and with several special features, including (features we don’t believe you can find in any other books):

  • Bob Goff reads his own foreword – its masterful and so special to hear Bob’s own voice,
  • Greg’s good friend, Regie Hamm narrates the book,
  • THE KICKER…we’re including an interview of Greg on the back end of the book.  If you are like me, you just want to hear Greg’s voice again and this was a way we could help you do just that.

You can get the audio version of Out of the Blue at Amazon (Audible) or iTunes.

An announcement like this about Out of the Blue is bitter-sweet—hard and yet, exciting on multiple fronts.  It’s hard because we all miss the author of Out of the Blue.  Yet, it’s exciting because Greg’s book is really impacting people.  We hear from a lot of folks who never had the privilege of meeting Greg and yet the book is striking a deep cord – and continuing to grow in influence – just as Greg had hoped.