Out of the Blue; the Unexpected Adventure of Life Interrupted


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What some are saying about Out of the Blue

What you’re about to read is a celebration of what it looks like to be lowered through the roof to the feet of Jesus. But here’s the thing: Greg isn’t the guy on the stretcher; he’s the guy on the roof with a couple of ropes around us.

author of Love Does and Chief Balloon Inflator

Greg Murtha is a man after God’s own heart. Out of the Blue will inspire you to embrace interruptions, listen to the Holy Spirit, and say, yes.  It is when we say yes, as Greg has done, that God turns everyday life into an unexpected adventure.

author of Kisses from Katie and  Daring to Hope

How many people do you know who embrace absolutely everything? Even cancer. When I met Greg Murtha, I realized I was gazing into the eyes of the person I wanted to become. Brave, intelligent, funny, confident, and faithful, Greg embraces a complete acceptance of

his fate with pure joy and excitement. Knowing him is a beautiful gift. You, too, will feel that and be incredibly inspired after reading Out of the Blue.

Olympic Gold Medalist, Figure Skater Commentator and Cancer Survivor

Watching Greg Murtha’s journey from success to significance to surrender has been a great privilege. I’m grateful he wrote Out of the Blue . It holds much wisdom that should speak to the way we live. Please read this book and be inspired to live the great adventure God has designed for you.

founder of Leadership Network and the Halftime Institute and author of  Halftime: Moving from Success to Significance