“I never follow a leader who doesn’t have a limp.”

Brennan Manning

We are all broken and everyone is wrestling with something. The fact is, however, most people attempt to hide their shortcomings & flaws. You may wonder how I know this…it is because, for most of my life, I was one of those people.


About Greg

Founder of Leading with a Limp

At 51 years of age I am not the picture of physical health I was less than 5 years ago and for this I am thankful. Why? Because it means I am not the driven man I once was. In the not too distant past I was a hard driving, marathon running, accomplishment addicted, approval seeking shell of a man. Yet today, illness and all, I have never been more alive.

Walk with me and you’ll hear a cough rattle in my chest where a bumpy film of persistent cancer cells, once located in my colon, are now attempting to fill my lungs. Join me on a bike ride and I am certain to have to stop to catch my breath on the hills. Hills I once attacked yet in this stopping I am learning lessons, I am convinced, I couldn’t have learned any other way.

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About Leading with a Limp

As a result of living with cancer and thus a new way of living I have gained a perspective and experienced and captured numerous stories, many of which I have shared on Facebook. Throughout this process I have been inspired to share my journey with others. It is my belief what I am experiencing is valuable for people who are wrestling with various life altering issues and others. The ultimate goal for me has been to point people to Jesus while attempting to follow Him.

Leading with a Limp (a 501c3) has been established to encourage and inspire those who need it while helping others lead with their own limp.  We all have our limps whether it be cancer, a painful past, addictions, hard relationships, etc.–however, through the “thorns in our side” as the apostle Paul said, we can all lead others to Jesus who provides hope and a future.

Leading with a Limp is led by Greg Murtha and governed by an inaugural board of directors.